PIANO RECITAL 5th May 2012

A wonderful piano recital of Scarlatti Sonatas, Chopin& Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata by Wilfrid Murray in Morpeth Methodist Church.

Piano Recital

Bombadinga Drummers

On the 9th of July 2011 an excited crowd gathered for an evening of drumming and songs by Bombadinga Group. The evening ended with a selection of Tanzanian food and an update on the school building project.

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"I'll Get By With A Little Help From My Friends" Musical Evening

A musical evening held on the 25th March in Morpeth Comrades Club raised £1000 for Jitegemee School.

The evening included various musical acts such as drumming, folk singing, classical guitar, a guitar-trumpet-clarinet trio and many others.

The auction went very well and  the drumming group closed the evening with great energy and a tremendous African Presence. 

"We like the comradeship. It is an evening when Tanzania is right here close by. We want this school to grow."


Quilt Raffle and Summer Yard Sale July 2010 (USA)

The sale of raffle tickets for a quilt donated by the Brunswick Quilting Guild.

Adele Miller
Adele Miller selling tickets for the quilt raffle
support mission in Africa
Support Mission in Africa

The Quilt was made by and donated for this purpose by the Brunswick Quilting Guild. Each woman made 1-2 squares using shades of blue and then the squares were sewn together and a border put on. We hope to raise over $1000 by the sale of the raffle tickets.

yard sale
yard sale
yard sale

Tanzanian Meal Celebration

On the 3rd July 2010 Carlotta Johnson hosted a Tanzanian meal Celebration. 23 people gathered for a typical Tanzanian meal of maize, chapatis, chicken and coconut and vegetables, kidney beans, lentils and a cold salad. For dessert was a selection of tropical fruits.

Everyone enjoyed this "taste of Tanzania".  We had a half hour entertainment with Kathy Bainbridge a singer and a raffle which included artefacts from Tanzania as well as other gifts.

There was an UPDATE of pictures and news from Tanzania.

Tanzanian Evening 1
Tanzanian Evening 2
Carlotta Johnson

Some comments made about the evening were

"you opened the world to me, and I hope I won't let that door close again"

"a lively evening, creative, positive "

A total of £190 was raised on the evening and a generous couple who could not be there donated £50 to the project.

People loved the "tastes" of Tanzania.  And many people said they learned a lot about the country and one person offered to host another Tanzanian evening at her house.


Jitegemee Project in the News

news article
Newspaper article in The Morpeth Herald, Thursday October 1 2009