Massive boost !

  • Roof installed thanks to USA charity Solar Circle.
  • Students from Michigan University are working on a rainwater catchment project.
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  • The main structure is completed and teams of local workers are putting the finishing touches to plasterwork and water and electrical installations.

The roof goes on

Our Aim

The aim of the Jitegemee School Building Project is to build a primary school complex in a residential area outside Dar es Salaam, the capital city of Tanzania, East Africa.

Tanzania Africa Map
Tanzania Map


There is a real need!

60% of the population in Tanzania is under sixteen years of age, there is a shortage of good schools. Education has remained important for successive leaders but the population explosion has caused serious difficulty.  Although many children go to school there is a need for quality teachers and well resourced schools.

The United Republic of Tanzania realizes that quality education is the pillar of national development. Through quality education Tanzania will be able to create a strong and competitive economy which can effectively cope with the challenges of development and which can also easily and confidently adapt to the changing market and technological conditions in the region and global economy.

"We want our school to be a  safe and nourishing home for boys and girls who will develop leadership for our country and
the whole world.”
 Sister Elice Mchopa, Project leader, Masasi

“We want our children to be in a safe and moral environment.” 
Mr. Komba


Why is this school important?

  • It will be like the gold standard.
  • Reasonable class sizes
  • Instructions in English
  • Actual textbooks

Tanzania's government is committed to education but doesn't have the funds to provide it

It is not uncommon to find a classroom with 80-100 children, with few desks and books

Children are usually taught in Swahili, and then are expected to pass secondary school education entrance examinations given in English

All secondary school instruction is given in English.

Jitegemee teachers.

Jitegemee teachers are hardworking women committed to a lifetime of social service.

Jitegemee teacher

Despite financial hardship these women have succeeded in qualifying as teachers and now ache to establish a haven where children can come to learn and develop.

Quality education gives students the skills needed to obtain furture jobs and through relationship and health education combat the spread of HIV/Aids.